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Brijitte has formed a new band in Italy (Lester Greenowski, Wilko Zanni, Lorenzo Vacondio & Davide Furlani). They recently recorded what she titles, "The best music I've ever written." Stay tuned for updates. Visit her Instagram and Facebook pages and be sure to like, follow and share!

NY Loose "Sunday Morning"

When I lived in New York City there were always reminders of lyrics from my favourite songs by other New York artists.
One day I had come home from a gig on a Saturday night and was still buzzing so couldn’t sleep.
I watched the city change slowly from the sleazy streets I walked hours before. To a peaceful scene where a few people going about there ordinary business.
I realized that Saturday had turned into Sunday and the voice of Lou Reed was in my head,
I suddenly felt I was living in the song "Sunday Morning". I felt compelled to record it.
It ended up on the "Year of the Rat"... Brijitte West

Sunday MorningNY LOOSE
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